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The Benefits of Photo Scanning

The Benefits of Photo Scanning

Thanks to home computers, any person can now scan a number of photos and put them into a slideshow for distribution. Photo Scanning is beneficial for a variety of reasons. If you have yet to do this with your precious memories, following are some reasons why you should get started right away.

Preserve Photos

Photos disintegrate over time. With the help of the internet, many people now take digital photos which can last for generations to come. However, some people still prefer hard copies of these images. Furthermore, professional photos often come printed on paper without an accompanying digital copy. When photos are scanned into a computer, they can be saved to DVD, a hard drive, or other storage devices. The photos can then be preserved much as they were in the past in photo albums and they can easily be shared with others. Furthermore, there is no concern about using acid-free paper for storing the photos and things of this nature. These issues are eliminated when the photos are scanned, and copies can be made at any time easily.

A Space Saver

A lifetime of photos stored in albums takes up a great deal of space. People often find they don’t have the space to store all of these images properly so they end up in a drawer, closet, or another place where they cannot easily be seen by others. Scan photos and save them in a digital photo frame and allow everyone who enters the home to see them. This is only one of the many ways the photos can be shared. There are other options a person should consider, such as a photo-sharing site on the internet. Family members across the globe may then enjoy the images also.

These are only two of the many benefits associated with scanning photos and storing them digitally. People often discover numerous others once they begin the process of preserving their photos using this method. Begin the process today. Once you do so, you’ll find you want to preserve all of your images digitally. It’s easy to do so and doesn’t cost a great deal of money, even when a company takes on this task for the individual, making it the perfect solution for all.

Save Money with Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

Save Money with Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

Preparing a home and yard for cold weather, snow and ice, and rain and wind is important to prolong the life of the property and keep the family warm without spending a fortune. While some of the more complicated tasks will require a professional, most of the work can be completed as diy (Do-It-Yourself) projects. This will save the family money and improve handyman skills for family members.

Yard Work

It may seem like heavy snowfall will hide all the work not yet finished, and it will, but that is not the purpose of getting yard work done before winter. Cleaning the yard and clearing out leaves, twigs, and debris is essential to keep wildlife from taking up residence. Piles of leaves make perfect nesting and burrowing areas for squirrels, skunks, and chipmunks. Small spaces between the shed and the ground are just large enough for rodents to squeeze in and get out of the cold. A few nails, some tarp material, and making sure those spaces are closed will prevent damage to the shed and whatever is stored inside.

Netting around the bottom of the porch, stairs, or deck will keep skunks from burrowing near the foundation. Skunks spend the winter in large groups for warmth. They need to forage for nourishment at least every week as they do not completely hibernate. They may not be noticed during the winter, but there will be massive damage and a terrible odor to deal with come spring.

The Roof

This maintenance will require a professional for proper inspection and to complete any repairs needed. The inspection cost is minimal and knowing the condition of the roof before that first snow storm hits is helpful. A minor repair left unattended, will be a major problem in the spring. A few shingles missing may become half a roof of shingles missing come April.


Caulking and weather-stripping windows and doors, changing the filter in the furnace, and adding drapes or lined curtains to the windows will prevent drafts and keep the furnace running efficiently. Closing bedroom doors for the day and opening them an hour before retiring will help keep costs down. Make sure there are plenty of candles, matches, and flashlights available in case of power outages.

Maintenance that Requires a Professional

Maintenance that Requires a Professional

When completing fall maintenance to prepare the house and yard for winter, there are many tasks that can be completed by homeowners. Clearing piles of leaves and twigs out of the yard to avoid wildlife making dens, nests, and burrows is an example. Weatherstripping the doors and windows can also be a do-it-yourself project.

Installing storm windows, replacing the filter in the furnace, and making sure draft dodgers are in place at all doors are also excellent ways the family can prepare for winter. Do all the chores that do not need special skills. Keep in mind that some maintenance will require a professional.


The main reason some maintenance requires hiring a contractor is safety. Walking around on the roof, for example, is dangerous. Most homeowners are not even sure what they are looking for in terms of issues, any possible repair needs, or the overall condition of the roof.

Wiring needs to be left to trained electricians. If loose connections are suspected or something is not turning on or off correctly, do not attempt to connect wires or tape everything together and call it fixed. Not only can you be creating a potential fire hazard, being shocked or electrocuted is a real possibility. Call the professionals.

Saving Money

If safety is not a priority, think of the money that will be saved when a minor issue is fixed by a professional before it becomes a major issue. Replacing a few loose shingles in the fall is much less expensive than replacing an entire section of shingles when winter ends. The cost of repairing any residual damage done will also be expensive. Insulation may be ruined, roof framing members may be rotted, and personal items in the attic may be destroyed.

Stock Up on Essentials

Check the supply of candles, matches, flashlights, and lanterns around the house for power outages. Candles are great for creating a peaceful glow and throwing off minor heat. Remember, never leave them unattended. Flashlights can get family members around the house without bumps, bruises, or falls. A radio with new batteries needs to be placed somewhere central, such as the living room or kitchen, to have access to any news bulletins or weather updates.

Getting the House Ready for Winter

Getting the House Ready for Winter

Before the first snow falls, it is wise to do some routine maintenance to get the house ready for cold weather. Caulking and placing weather stripping along the edges of doors and windows will keep the family warmer and reduce utility bills. Drafts make a big difference in how hard the heating system needs to work to keep the house at a consistent temperature. This easy step is a must.

Have the Roof Inspected

Call a professional roofer to inspect the roof. If there are any repairs or roof maintenance that need to be completed, get the work done before winter. Freezing and thawing will create more damage and turn minor repairs into major problems by spring. It is possible the roof may need to be replaced before the snow arrives. Discuss options with the contractor. Reroofing may be feasible which is a more cost-effective solution than tearing off the old roof and replacing the entire surface.

Clean out the gutters to make sure there is no debris to clog up and impede the flow of melting snow, heavy rains, or sleet and hail. Double check that downspouts are secure, and that water is directed away from the foundation. Puddling and freezing of excess water will create space between the soil and the foundation. That will result in cracks in the foundation and water leaking into the basement.

Air Circulation

The ease at which air moves through the whole house will keep the temperature consistent and avoid cold spots in the halls, stairways, and second story rooms. This preparation will take homeowners from the basement to the attic. Replace the furnace filter for maximum operating efficiency. If the filter becomes dirty or clogged, air circulation will slow down drastically and the heat will not be felt at full force.

Next, go up to the attic and check to make sure the vents there are clear. Clogged attic vents will result in heated air being trapped in the home. This will cause the insulation to become moist and mold quickly. The situation can go unnoticed for months, and by then the air quality in the whole house is poor. What may be mistaken for a simple cold among the family may actually be respiratory distress.

Is the House Ready for Cold Weather?

Is the House Ready for Cold Weather?

Fall seems to turn to winter faster and faster every year. People caught off guard need to rush to take care of the regular maintenance required to keep the house warm and the utility bills from getting out of control during the cold weather ahead. If it has not been done already, a contractor must be called to inspect the roof. Any repairs needed should be completed before the snow falls.

Minor repairs will be major ones by the time the spring thaw arrives. Damage may be extensive and expensive come April or May depending on where you reside. A small leak at the beginning of the season may be massive by the end of it. Do not risk unnecessary damage to the roof, the roof’s framing, or the attic. Call a contractor as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

Doors and Windows

If screens are still in, switch them out for the storm windows for extra warmth. Weatherstrip all sides of the windows and doors, and caulk any spaces where the light comes through. This will block drafts and keep rodents from coming into the house to get warm. Put up heavy draperies or lined curtains to insulate rooms and keep heat in. These steps will also save money on utility bills while the family stays warm and comfortable all winter.

The Furnace

Replace the furnace filter to ensure the heating system will operate efficiently. Wrapping the furnace in special insulation will also help it heat the house while homeowners save money. Get in the habit of closing bedroom doors during the day and turning down the thermostat. Open doors about one hour before going to bed in order to sleep comfortably.

The Attic

Vents in the attic need to be clear to keep air circulating throughout the whole house. This will also prevent moist air from being trapped up there and destroying the insulation and belongings stored there. Homeowners can go here for a complete list of tips to get the house ready for the winter. Being properly prepared will save money and ensure the family will be warm and cozy.

Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

As the winter months approach, people begin to think about sitting in front of a cozy fire on a cold winter night. This is relaxing and comforting and makes a home feel warm and inviting. Fireplaces are typically already installed in homes these days, so there is not a lot of extra work required to start the fire. The types of fireplaces may differ though. A gas fireplace has several benefits.

Low Maintenance

Gas fireplaces are very low maintenance. They do not have to be cleaned out after each use. There are not remnants of coals and ashes left behind. These fireplaces also do not use real wood, eliminating the hassle of having to stack logs. A fireplace operated by natural gas is normally able to be turned on and off by a switch or a knob. This eliminates the need for a fire starter or lighter.

Energy Savings

Energy savings is a huge plus when it comes to gas fireplaces. The presence and use of a gas fireplace can heat the rooms in a home and save about 25% on the energy bill. For people on a budget, this amount makes a significant difference. The amount of energy savings can increase if the fireplace is equipped with a blower. The blower will allow the heat to circulate evenly throughout the entire home. This is great for homes with adequate insulation.


The safety of fireplaces poses a huge concern for those with children. Children are often curious and may get too close to fires, causing them to get burnt. Fireplace screens can help to protect the children from getting near the fireplace. Gas fireplaces are known for being safer because they do not have flames or sparks that may get out of hand. Sparks are dangerous because they can also land in other areas, causing them to ignite.

Gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular because of all of the benefits they have. They are also very stylish and come in different brands and capacities. The features on these fireplaces also differ, causing them to range in price. It is advised to do research before deciding between a gas or wood burning fireplace in your home.

Multiple Self-Storage Locations and Service Options

Multiple Self-Storage Locations and Service Options

Self-storage can be a hassle depending on the company that rents the unit. Some require contracts that lock people into paying for storage for three to six months, if not longer. Available units may be located on a second or third floor which means lugging items up and down the stairs or trying to fit boxes into an elevator and lugging them down a long hallway. Access is often limited to certain hours during the day and may not include weekend hours at all.

Service Options

Eliminate those hassles by finding one company with multiple service options, such as Pink Storage in the UK. Renting a unit requires a smart phone and a few minutes. Go online to the website, select from several locations, pay for the unit, and the process is completed. An access code is text-ed to the phone immediately and that gets renters into their units. All units are on the ground floor which eliminates maneuvering stairs or crowding boxes into elevators.

Options do not end there. Mobile storage can be requested and arranged online. A unit is dropped off at the home or business location. Renters fill it at their leisure and call for a pickup. The unit is brought to the secured storage lot. When it is needed again, call to have it delivered. There is no double duty of loading the items into a truck and unloading them when arriving at the storage location. Prevent sore muscles and just load items once.

Rent a Van

For people with small cars getting items to a storage unit can be next to impossible. A friend with a truck is not always an option. The company offers vans with drivers for rent to assist with the process. Schedule a date and time for the van to arrive. Load it up and meet the driver at the storage unit. Unload the items and enjoy the rest of the day.

Sizes and Prices

All units are the same size which is twenty-feet long by eight-feet wide. Some locations, such as Bridgend, can also accommodate caravan storage. Pricing is low, and renters can add to the savings with introductory deals and promotional offers throughout the year at different locations. Multiple service options allow renters to get storage that suits their needs and preferences.

Finding Convenient Self-Storage Locations Fast

Finding Convenient Self-Storage Locations Fast

When storage units are needed, there is typically not a great deal of time to spend finding a location. An inventory delivery arrives a week early, the in-laws have decided to pop in for the long weekend, or the school basement is flooded, and the sports equipment needs to be moved now are a few examples when time is of the essence. A quick internet search is possible, but then time is needed to go through some of the results. There is a faster way to locate storage units.

Pink Storage

People only need a smart phone and one website to get the situation under control in a matter of minutes. Go to, enter in the desired location, and pay for a unit all at the same time. Wait a few seconds and an access code pops up. It really is that fast and simple. A unit is needed in bridgend, for example, enter that location and pay for a unit. They are all at ground level, so there is no need to flip through the units to find one that is convenient to load.

The access code gets renters into the location and into their storage units. Security consists of surveillance cameras and an electronic gate, and renters have twenty-four hour a day access to their units. This is ideal for factories that operate three shifts and require more supplies and retail businesses that re-stock shelves overnight. Low pricing and no contracts make renting as cost-effective and easy as possible.

Mobile Storage

The company also has mobile units that can be requested online. A unit is delivered to your location and dropped off. Take a few days to fill it and call to have it picked up. This eliminates loading items into a truck, driving across town, and unloading everything. Move it once into the unit and leave it there. No extra lugging, no sore back muscles, and zero wasted time.

Van Rental

Not every bloke has a friend with a pickup truck or minivan. That is no problem because there are vans available to rent for an afternoon or the whole day. Move items into the unit without having to tie them to the top of that small car or shove them into the boot without causing damage. Packing supplies are offered as well for complete storage services.

Storage Unit Renting Made Easy

Storage Unit Renting Made Easy

More and more people require storage units these days as houses and apartments are being constructed smaller than ever. The growing population needs housing, so developments are designed to configure living space to be comfortable yet small. The first component to go was extra storage space. Closets became narrow, cabinets are not as wide or deep as they once were, and even storage spaces in laundry rooms are non-existent because fewer places have laundry rooms. That space has been transformed into a washer and dryer behind French doors in an alcove.

The Internet to the Rescue

Instead of traveling from storage place to storage place seeking out the right size, location, and access to self storage units that suit needs and preferences, people can now go online and reserve a unit until they can get there and fill out the paperwork. Taking that simple process one step farther, there is a company in the UK that makes renting units as easy as turning on the smart phone. Get on the company website, choose the preferred location, and pay for the storage unit.

An access code to get into the unit is sent to the phone immediately after payment is processed. That is all it takes to rent a storage unit. All units are on ground level, there are surveillance cameras for security, and the access code opens your unit. People can get into units twenty-four hours a day for convenience. Renters are not required to sign contracts and can rent month-to-month is desired.

Other Convenient Options

Mobile storage units are available as well. A unit will be delivered to the home or business location and dropped off for a few days. Once the unit is filled, it will be picked up and brought to the secured lot. Van rental is also offered for those who have no friends with pickup trucks. Packing supplies are available if needed.

There is everything needed to store items and keep them from cluttering up living space. Pricing is low and there are introductory and promotional deals offered by location. Storage locations are available throughout the UK, so there is sure to be one near you.